Thursday, July 25, 2013

Coming down from the Internship high

To put it simply, I have less than a week left in London, well technically a week. My flight leaves Friday morning. How am I feeling? I'm not sure, I have mixed feelings to be honest.

At my work place things have been kind of slow, but I think it's mostly because we have a good amount of teachers, and so everything is covered. Also the fact the we, as in the other intern and I, have finished our tasks and now we are just compiling everything into a presentation for the staff. Brochures, SWOT analysis, 4p's of marketing, images and espionage experiences a go-go!

I'm pretty nervous about that, because of the anticipation and my hesitation of speaking in front of groups (granted this is a small group but the thought is what's killing me). But I am trying to look at in a different positive light because I know that I need to work on my public speaking skills. I also feel a little hesitant as well because a lot of the information that the intern and I collected our supervisor knows about and I'm sure that she could relay the information to her colleagues, but I suppose this is another part of my internship.

I also already told my supervisor my last day, and she hugged me and even told me that she wish that she could pay me for all of the hard work that I've done since being here ( I blushed of course, but she couldn't tell...inside joke sorry). The other teachers and staff felt the same way. I've also met some really cool teachers, and missed my chances for drinks to get to know the teachers better as well, but due to funding that wasn't going to happen. I hope to stay in touch with them all some way or another. I even mentioned to my supervisor if she needed another intern for next summer I told her I would come back, she was ecstatic and hugged me again. If only I could be paid~ 

Also, this is the first time that I have experienced wanting to leave a country so early, especially a country that I love. I haven't had any bad experiences, except for miscommunications and word choices, I just feel like there's something missing?
I think it is also the location that I am staying in as well, which gives me the lack of motivation to do anything.


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