Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Marketing Espionage

During the later half of June is when I started doing marketing related task, all due to the arrival of the new intern. Of course I was excited and eager as well, but in the next few days I quickly noticed my dislike of the new intern, and finished my work quickly.
I may or may not be biased but marketing research is simple. I've been told by friends and others that I have a knack for finding things and I am also stubborn so I can spend an hour to two hours searching for something until I find it or I get tired of it.

With this under my belt, I was able to complete majority of my tasks given to me by my supervisor, as for the intern...I'm not too sure about. I even decided to do side research  on the best ways to conduct "Competitor Analysis" ( yay a marketing word!) The only issue what that is  the difference in British culture and American culture. Of course somethings appeal to other cultures and things that appeals to other is hated by others. So that really put me through the washer.

Honestly I cannot tell the difference, or give a good description of either it's just that difficult

Besides the marketing research I have also conducted competitor site analysis along with their websites. With no proper background on the proper way to do it I jumped in head first (I have done that a lot when it comes to certain things recently, except for talking to people). Going with my observation skills I found everything I could to colors, pictures, content descriptions, links to pages, blogs, facebook pages, Linkedin accounts, anything I could find I looked at it. ( Working on my "paying attention to details" skill ).

Marketing is definitely not my major but I feel with some of the knowledge that I picked up and honed will help me with other endeavors, and of course my future career. But I also feel that I am lacking more in the knowledge of marketing, even though my supervisor has graduated from Harvard with a marketing degree and she's running a business I feel her time is sparse.

Looks like I'm going to have to talk to her again, and do more side research along with United States government and British history.