Friday, August 9, 2013

Last Post

I am writing this post from America, because I had to start my last day super early and there was no free internet service at the LaGuardia Airport believe it or not. So for my last post I will briefly talk about my morning and just my whole feeling of my Internship.
My day began at 6am, and I was somewhat quietly walking through the apartment to get dressed and get everything together. In my room there were four girls including me, two were gone already so it' was me and another one of my roommates. After getting dressed and pretty much carrying my suitcases down four flights of stairs we said our goodbyes and wished each other luck in the future, I walked outside and it began to rain.


After waiting 10 minutes for my taxi that I reserved the day before I lugged my suitcases to the main office of the hostel and politely demanded another taxi. Getting to airports early is something that I can't do even though I leave early. my taxi was supposed to be there at 7:30am it came around 8:05am. There goes a chunk of 35 minutes when it takes about 45 minutes to get to the Heathrow airport. Anyways there was small chatter between me and the taxi driver I was more focused on getting to the airport and having to lug my suitcases around (they weighed a lot...I don't know the exact amount but a lot for little ol' me). On the way to the airport I took some photos because of my lack of photos:

A rainy day and lots of traffic, I sometimes regret my choice a leaving on a Friday, but I get over it quickly. The earlier the better.

After going through security and settling on the floor to wait for my flight I started to get anxious for several reasons:
  • I'm returning back to America
  • Instead of graduating I am taking another semester
  • I have to start payment on my student loans
  • I have an internship portfolio to do!
  • I'm officially a broke college student.
Theses are just some of the thoughts that went through my head, but all stemmed from my final destination, Milwaukee WI. Maybe it's because I'm finally entering the last stages of my undergraduate career and finally going to be dropped off into the real world with a crap ton of debt?

"Good job you graduated! Here's your degree, thanks for your money. Now go find a job!"- College

That's how I feel that my relationship with college is going to end. I know it's coming but still. Anyways back to my internship.

 I enjoyed my internship and my time in England but of course there could have been things that could have been changed. The location was one of them that slightly irritated me. I stayed in South London where there was nothing near by my hostel, granted it was close to the tube/train station, a pharmacy and that's about it. If I wanted to go to a pub or to a proper grocery shop I would have to walk 20-30 minutes to get there, rain or shine blazing or cold. Sometimes the area around the hostel and further past the tube station things began to look iffiy. Needless to say I didn't spend a lot of time around my hostel.

Also about two weeks before I was leaving I found out a lot of the things I paid for could have been given to me at a lower price. I didn't know anything about the company that was legally responsible for me, BUNAC. When I had my midterm meeting and had to go to the office I found out that they offered a free SIM card for a cellphone, helped you get a bank
account, sign up for tours (if you wanted to go on one), and also help you buy discounted flight tickets. I was annoyed for the rest of the week. All of that information should be told to all of the new interns, seriously! London is already expensive and banks in America charge crazy prices for using their cards outside of the U.S
I would have loved to know this information, less money spent on things I could have gotten cheaper or for free.


My over all internship experience was interesting. I was placed in an internship that I had no prior knowledge of and I managed to do alright (I think). There was some miscommunications, but that's to be expected I'm in a different country that uses words differently. I learned and quickly adapted(I hate making mistakes but who doesn't). I did retain some information about marketing and analysis, but not enough to give solid answers unfortunately.  Honestly I think I learned more about myself more than marketing, which is a plus because sometimes I don't know what I'm capable of or know myself when it comes to situations, such as working with children that know little to no English or speaking to parents that also know little to no English.

I'm proud of myself. I felt like I overcame a lot of hesitations and fears. I met a lot of people and now it's just time for me to continue to build those connections. I got this.

Now I just need to finish college.

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